DST 1031

Largest Selection of DST Properties

Immediate DST 1031 Properties Available

  • Relief from property management

  • Invest as low as $100K

  • Co-own institutional-grade properties

  • Multiple tax advantages

  • Steady flow of cash

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Largest Selection of DST Properties

Immediate DST 1031 Properties Available

Get 1031 DST List Now


Close Your 1031 Exchange Using a DST Investment

There are a plethora of reasons why 1031 investors use DST investment to close their 1031 exchange. DSTs allow real estate investors to co-own large institutional-grade properties without day-to-day management responsibilities as DST properties often come with pre-arranged property or asset managers. When you invest in a DST, you invest in real estate properties and not in the trust, and that’s why it qualifies for a 1031 exchange.

Benefits of DST 1031 Investments

  • NNN Properties, Retail, Apartments, Industrial, Student Housing, Office, Assisted Living, Oil & Gas

  • Upgrade Your Real Estate Quality

  • 1031 Exchange Property Available Immediately

  • Perfect 1031 Exchange Replacement Properties

  • 1031 Exchange Properties Across the Nation

  • Find 1031 Exchange Properties Within 45 Days

  • 1031 Exchange Opportunities as Low as $100,000

  • Select Attractive Financing Options

  • 1031 Exchange Investments Match Equity and Debt

  • Long-Term Leases for Your Tenants

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Have you ever ponder about selling your investment real estate?

Have you got fed up of managing your apartment building, office building, or duplex– or are you thinking that is it the right time to sell your land? Perhaps you are not selling because you think you’d need to pay a cumbersome amount of capital gains tax on the sale. Maybe you’re wondering what other investment could offer you the high returns you enjoy now.

Fortunately, there is an energizing, successful answer to this problem

Section 1031 of the (Internal Revenue Service) IRS tax code makes it feasible for you to sell your existing investment property and, within a strict time frame, purchase management-free real estate investment without paying any capital gains taxes. It’s generally called a “1031 Exchange,” and it very well may be a financial lifesaver.

 The inconvenience can be, however, HOW would you find a reasonable replacement property (one with the correct purchase price, debt ratio, and closing schedule) within the 45-day time span mandated by the 1031 Exchange requirements? HOW would you navigate all the administrative work involved without accidentally overlooking an IRS guideline or due date? Lastly, HOW do you find a replacement property that requires less management from you? 

1031Property.com can enable you to overcome all three of the above challenges.

1031Property.com specializes in helping individuals like you to find replacement property within the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)  time limitations. We can help you to identify and “exchange into” a higher-quality property than what you presently possess, yet with no administration responsibility for you. How we can do so? We associate you with multiple product specialists for whatever investment you are searching for. We have into this business since 2002 and have developed relationships with the top experts in the 1031 business. We screen all our members based upon reputation & experience, so you are not required to.

What is “Delaware Statutory Trust”?

In a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) interest, multiple owners join to purchase a large institutional-grade property as individual owners (not as limited partners). Each owner receives an individual deed at closing for their own undivided fractional interest in the entire property and has all the same rights as a single owner. As a participant in a DST interest, you would own a piece of a large professionally managed building, receive a pro-rata share of the generated revenue, benefit from additional tax shelters, very possibly enjoy increased cash flow, and preserve your capital by investing in a property that continues to appreciate.

Top 10 Benefits of Purchasing a DST Interest:

  • Free yourself from day-to-day management responsibilities:

    Without property to manage, you may enjoy more leisure time to relax or pursue other interests. You may even relocate and reside thousands of miles from the location of your building.

  • Professionals manage the property on your behalf:

    Buildings owned by DST interests are professionally managed by national real estate companies who have strong audited track records and extensive experience in all sectors, types, and locations of real estate. In addition, because these are the same companies that acquire the properties and arrange the DST programs, they have a vested interest in the performance of the properties. You can relax and trust them to maintain the buildings, do the leasing, collect rent, service the mortgage, and handle all of the other management responsibilities.

  • Increased monthly cash flow is likely:

    Your investment in a DST interest provides you with a check every month. The cash flow that owners typically receive starts at 7-8% per annum. Because exchangers assume a new depreciation schedule, cash distributions are typically 50-100% tax-sheltered depending upon asset class and leverage. When appreciation and principal reduction are included, the total annual projected returns generally range from 14%-18%.

  • No legwork to locate properties:

    Without property to manage, you may enjoy more leisure time to relax or pursue other interests. You may even relocate and reside thousands of miles from the location of your building.

  • Investments in larger, safer, higher-quality institutional properties:

    You purchase larger and higher-quality buildings that tend to attract tenants with greater financial strength and stability.

  • Benefits from multiple tax advantages:

    Not only can you defer capital gains taxes until death (at which point they are forgiven), you also can gain additional tax advantages through a new depreciation schedule.

  • Gain non-recourse debt:

    Accredited investors assume institutional grade, pre-arranged, non-recourse (i.e., no personal guarantee) financing with easy approval. You can invest in properties that have no debt, or in properties with up to 75% leverage.

  • Opportunities begin as low as $100,000:

    DST has a much lower minimum investment than does sole ownership and therefore is more flexible. Variable investment sizes can start as low as $100,000 and can be structured to match an owner’s equity and debt requirements.

  • Diversification of your assets:

    Large net proceeds may be split among several properties and invested in several different markets and asset classes.

  • Preservation of capital through investments in appreciating properties.


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