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Don't want to pay operating expenses? Invest in NNN properties...

NNN investment benefits investors by providing relief from all operating expenses associated with their property. Unlike a gross lease where the tenant pays a flat rent, NNN lease requires them to pay all operating expenses along with the base rent, and the investor is just for bookkeeping. Operating expenses the tenant covers under a NNN lease include property taxes, insurance fee, and maintenance cost.


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  • Freedom from Management Responsibilities

  • No More Tenants, Toilets, or Trash

  • Credit Tenants with Long-Term Leases

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Are you in thought to sell your investment real estate?

Are you getting bored of managing your office building, apartment building, or duplex — or are you thinking that is it the right time to sell your real estate? Perhaps you are not selling because you think you’d need to pay a cumbersome amount of capital gains tax on the sale. Maybe you must be wondering what other investment can offer you the high returns you are enjoying now.

Fortunately, there is an effective, exciting solution to this dilemma.

Section 1031 of the IRS tax code makes it workable for you to sell your present investment property, and allows you to purchase the management free real estate within a strict time frame without paying any capital gain taxes. It’s generally called a “1031 Exchange,” and it very well may be a financial lifesaver.

 The trouble can be, though, HOW to find a perfect replacement property (one with the right debt ratio, purchase price, and closing schedule) within the time frame of 45-day mandated by the 1031 Exchange requirements?  HOW would you navigate all the administrative work involved without accidentally overlooking an IRS guideline or due date? And finally, HOW would you discover a replacement property that requires less management from you?

1031Property.com will help you to conquer all three of these challenges.

1031Property.com works in helping people like you to find replacement property within the IRS time guidelines. We can help you to identify and “exchange into” a higher-quality property than what you presently possess, yet with no administration responsibility for you. How might we do as such?  We here will connect you with multiple 1031 advisors for whatever investment type you are looking for. We have into this business since 2002 and have developed relationships with the top experts in the 1031 business. We screen all our associates based upon reputation & experience, so you don’t need to.

What is a “NNN Investment”?

A NNN lease or triple-net is a single-tenant arrangement that requires the tenant to pay all necessary property expenses instead of the investor or the property owner. Unlike a standard or gross lease, where the tenant is only responsible for paying the property rent, NNN lease requires them to cover property expenses along with the base rent. It’s a great investment option for investors who want to get rid of the burden of property management and save those extra dollars, which otherwise they would spend on the maintenance of their property.

Advantages of NNN Investment

  • No Property Expense –

    As mentioned earlier, NNN investors don’t need to bear the burden of property management as the tenant is responsible for paying major property expenses along with the base rent. As a NNN investor, you’ll receive a free flow of income without any deduction.

  • Tax Advantage –

    Only a few investors know that one can use NNN investment for completing their 1031 exchange. An investor can exchange any investment property for NNN properties and defer up to 100% capital gains tax using the tax-deferred exchange.

  • Little-to-No Risk of Default –

    The majority of NNN tenants are big established multi-national companies, which means there is barely any risk of default in NNN investment and the vacancy rate isn’t high either.


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