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What Assets Qualify As 1031 Replacement Properties?

For 1031 exchange investors, the biggest challenge is to identify an ideal investment property within the 45-days deadline. Under Section 1031 of IRC, every investor must identify one or more replacement properties within 45 days after closing the sale of … Read More

What Makes DSTs A Unique Investment Strategy?

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a private trust that owns, manages, and sells investment properties. DSTs have an attractive portfolio that includes large investment properties. It is a shared ownership structure, and upon investing in a DST, you co-own … Read More

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Online Identification Of Properties For Your Real Estate Exchange

If you are a real estate investor, by now, you have heard about the benefits associated with 1031 real estate exchanges. Although these have increased in popularity, real estate exchanges can be challenging for investors due to the strict guidelines … Read More