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1031 Exchange In A REIT?: Here’s How It’s Possible

According to the rules defined by the IRS, a 1031 exchange is a swap of an investment property with a like-kind investment property to defer the accumulated capital gain taxes on your sales proceeds. And, if you are thinking of … Read More

Selecting The Right Qualified Intermediary: 5 Tips To Follow

1031 exchange is a useful tool to build wealth and diversify your investment portfolio. However, to make things successful, you must follow the rules defined by the IRS. For starters, you must identify up to three replacement properties within 45 … Read More

How to find a replacement property quickly for a 1031 exchange?

The 1031 exchange (also known as a like-kind exchange) allows an investor to avoid capital gains on selling a productive real estate or business asset by exchanging it for a similar property, provided specific IRS conditions exist. You can also … Read More

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Investing In Qualified Opportunity Zone?

Among the new provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that took effect on December 22, 2017, were opportunities funds, which provide tax incentives for investing in targeted areas in the United States. By offering investors substantial federal tax … Read More

How Qualified Opportunity Zones Differ From 1031 Exchange?

Like the 1031 exchange, investing in qualified opportunity zones comes with a number of tax benefits. You can defer the capital gains taxes on your proceeds and the depreciation recapture. However, investing in a QAZ is a lot different from … Read More

Reverse 1031 Exchange Timeline And Rules: Things To Consider

Did you know that you can conduct a 1031 exchange in different ways? Contrary to the traditional method where you are required to sell your investment property and invest the entire proceeds in a replacement property to defer the capital … Read More

Qualified Opportunity Zones: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking of expanding your investment portfolio, chances are you would be in search of high-end properties offering assured returns and a proper build-up. We get it; properties located in the best of locations can be a huge … Read More

7 1031 Exchange Rules You Must Adhere By

Ready to sell your investment property? If you are considering reinvesting your proceeds and deferring the capital gains taxes, the 1031 exchange is perhaps your best bet. But, to complete this transaction successfully, you must keep in mind the seven … Read More

How To Get Started With Investing In A Qualified Opportunity Fund?

Investing in a qualified opportunity fund can be a great way to revitalize distressed communities while leveraging the tax benefits. Investing in real estate can come with a number of added advantages. But, there’s no denying that these investments are … Read More

How To Invest Your Capital Gains In Qualified Opportunity Zones?

Markets and asset prices have been strong for several years, resulting in significant capital gains for many investors. In the stock market, the real estate market, and private equity, valuations are high. How can capital be invested compellingly? It may … Read More