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What Assets Qualify As 1031 Replacement Properties?

For 1031 exchange investors, the biggest challenge is to identify an ideal investment property within the 45-days deadline. Under Section 1031 of IRC, every investor must identify one or more replacement properties within 45 days after closing the sale of … Read More

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Understanding 1031 Exchange Property Rules

We assume you to be aware of the term ‘1031 exchange’. In case you aren’t, a 1031 exchange is a real estate exchange process that allows investors to differ capital gains taxes. Generally, on exchanging one property for another ‘like-kind’ … Read More

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How Beneficial Is 1031 Exchange For Investors?

You can use a 1031 exchange to defer 100% capital gains tax if you reinvest the proceeds from the previous or relinquished property into another like-kind property. Using a 1031 exchange, investors can defer capital gains taxes, which they otherwise … Read More

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How Should You Approach Your 1031 Property Identification?

A real estate investment can excite you to a great extent. However, it would help if you studied it as an investor before investing. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a no man’s land at some point in time during … Read More

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Where Should You Invest Your 1031 Exchange Proceeds?

Obviously, the reason you chose a 1031 exchange was that you wanted to swap your non-performing asset with a premium property without being taxed. With the proceeds in your hands, you must be hunting properties one after another. You can … Read More

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How To Safeguard Your Investment From COVID-19 And Ensure Higher Returns?

How To Safeguard Your Investment From COVID-19 And Ensure Higher Returns? As the entire world is battling the current pandemic, financial worry escalates at a rapid pace. Whether stocks, bonds, or shares, monetary damage has been unfathomable in the last … Read More

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Mistakes which can disqualify your 1031 Exchange – Like-Kind Rules & Regulations

Like-kind exchanges are an excellent way to defer capital gains and maximize your wealth. It allows investors to exchange real property in active usage either for business or investment purposes against a similar like-kind property and, in turn, delay paying … Read More

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B.A.S.I.C.S. of 1031 Exchange

When selling a business and an investment property, a gain is realized, (Internal Revenue Code) I.R.C. Section 1031 provides an exception that allows the tax on the profit to be postponed if the investor invests the proceeds in like-kind property … Read More

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What you should know about different types of 1031 investment property exchanges?

The established real estate investors in U.S. are already familiar with 1031 exchanges. According to 1031 exchanges, reinvest the proceeds from the sale of any investment property into a like-kind property investment in order to defer capital gains tax. This … Read More

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How to Find the Right 1031 Exchange Property ?

How to Find the Right 1031 Exchange Property ? If you’re in the process of completing a 1031 exchange, you’ll notice that the 45-day identification period gets over instantly. The IRS has laid down specific guidelines on eligible properties for … Read More

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